Roppongi – Tokyo, during Japan Illumination Festival

What’s better than sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying stunning beauty of street around us, out there in the world, along with relaxing songs. This is where we want to share them, inspire wanderlust.

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Tokyo Midtown (opened in 2007) and Roppongi Hills (opened in 2003) are two large-scale urban developments located in the Roppongi neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. They are known for their high-end shopping, dining, entertainment, and residential facilities, as well as their iconic modern architecture. Both complexes feature a mix of office buildings, apartments, hotels, museums, and parks and attract many visitors and residents worldwide.

This time we were very lucky to go right on the occasion of the Illumination Festival, enjoying the atmosphere and stunning views at these places.

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Street in Roppongi
The view of the Tokyo Tower from Roppongi
Illumination Festival
Street in Roppongi

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