2024 Japanese Summer Fireworks Festivals schedule time

means fireworks in Japanese, and it is one of the popular summer festivals in Japan, especially during the Obon festival.

When talking about the Hanabi fireworks festival, people will remember the extremely impressive fireworks displays in the night sky. People wear Yukata to participate in the festival, mingling on the busy streets with food stalls and playing many entertaining games.

In addition, fireworks competitions are also held in many places across the country during this period, with some famous competitions such as Omagari, Tsuchiura, Nagaoka,…

The fireworks display here is extremely unique and beautiful. The fireworks explode with many interesting images, such as hearts, smiley faces, or cartoon characters.

PrefectureFireworks FestivalTime
HokkaidoHokkaido Makomanai Fireworks Festival6-Jul
IwateMorioka Fireworks FestivalTBD
AkitaOmagari Fireworks Festival31-Aug
MiyagiSendai Tanabata Fireworks FestivalTBD
Tohoku Future Art FireworksTBD
YamagataAkagawa Fireworks Festival 17-Aug
FukushimaIwaki Fireworks Festival TBD
NiigataNagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show2,3 -Aug
IbarakiKoga Fireworks Festival3-Aug
Tonegawa Fireworks FestivalTBD
Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks CompetitionTBD
TokyoAdachi Fireworks Festival20-Jul
Katsushika Noryo Fireworks Festival23-Jul
Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival27-Jul
Itabashi Fireworks Festival3-Aug
Jingu Gaien Fireworks FestivalTBD
Edogawa Fireworks Festival24-Aug
ChibaSakura Citizen’s Fireworks FestivalTBD
Makuhari Beach Fireworks FestaTBD
OsakaYodagawa Fireworks Festival3-Aug
FukuokaChikugo River Fireworks FestivalTBD
NagasakiHuis Ten Bosch Kyushu Ichi Fireworks FestivalTBD
OkinawaOcean Expo Park Fireworks Display TBD

Such days are bustling with crowds eager to witness the fireworks spectacle. Many also book reservations at restaurants or hotels with scenic views for a convenient viewing experience. Thus, it’s advisable to plan ahead to ensure a fulfilling trip.

Have a good trip!!!