The SCMaglev and Railway Park in Nagoya, Japan

The SCMaglev and Railway Park, also known as the SCMAGLEV and Railway Museum, is a popular railway museum in Nagoya, Japan. It is dedicated to showcasing the development and history of Japan’s high-speed trains, including the Superconducting Maglev (SCMaglev) technology.


The museum features many trains, locomotives, and related artifacts. It showcases the evolution of Japan’s railway technology, from steam locomotives to conventional trains and high-speed bullet trains. One of the main highlights is the display of the Superconducting Maglev train, which can reach speeds of over 600 km/h (373 mph). We can learn about the technology behind the SCMaglev and its significance in the future of transportation.

Interactive Displays

The museum offers interactive exhibits that allow us to experience and learn about various aspects of train operations. For example, there are simulators where we can try operating a train. Additionally, there are sections where visitors can explore the inner workings of train systems, including engines, control panels, and other components.

Historical Displays

Alongside the modern trains, the museum also exhibits a collection of historical trains, including steam locomotives and vintage electric trains. These exhibits provide insights into the early days of rail travel in Japan and highlight the technological advancements over the years.

Outdoor Area

The museum has an outdoor area where visitors can observe and explore a variety of train cars, including retired Shinkansen (bullet train) units. This area also offers a chance to see the SCMaglev test track, although actual test runs are not conducted during regular museum hours.

Educational Programs

The SCMaglev and Railway Park offers educational programs and workshops for visitors, especially children, to learn about railway technology, engineering principles, and the history of Japan’s trains.


Address3-2-2 Kinjofuto, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-0848, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Access🚆 By Train: Take the Aonami Line (Nagoya Seaside Rapid Railway) from Nagoya Station to Kinjofuto Station. The museum is just a short walk from the station.
🚘 By Car: The museum offers parking facilities if traveling by car. The parking fee is 600 yen for the first two hours and an additional 200 yen for every subsequent hour.
HourOpen from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
It is closed on Tuesdays (unless it falls on a national holiday) and during the New Year holidays (December 29 to January 1)
FeeGeneral Admission: 1,000 yen (for visitors aged 18 and over)
High School Students: 500 yen
Junior High and Elementary School Students: 200 yen
Children under 3 years old: Free

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