Seishun Ticket 2023 – an excellent option for budget travelers in Japan

If you want to look for a cost-effective way to explore Japan’s many destinations, Seishun Ticket is a superb choice. Its flexibility and affordability provide a unique opportunity to experience Japan’s culture and scenery without breaking the bank.

Introduction of a Seishun ticket

Seishun Ticket (青春18きっぷ) is a popular travel pass offered by the Japan Railways (JR) for domestic travel in Japan. It allows unlimited travel on local and rapid JR trains for five days, allowing travelers to explore various parts of Japan at a fraction of the cost (it cannot be used on the Shinkansen or express trains).

The Seishun Ticket is only available for purchase during specific periods throughout the year, typically during the school holidays in the spring, summer, and winter. It is a highly sought-after pass due to its affordability and flexibility, making it an excellent option for budget travelers looking to experience Japan’s culture and scenery.

 Period of UsePeriod of Sales
SpringMarch 1 – April 10February 20 – March 31
SummerJuly 20 – September 10July 1 – August 31
WinterDecember 10 – January 10December 1 – December 31
Source: East Japan Railway

It is available to foreign tourists as well as Japanese and foreign residents of Japan.

Seishun ticket

How to buy

The simplest way is to go to the ticket counter (みどり窓口 – Midori madoguchi) at JR stations. However, some smaller stations may not have ticket counters, so you should check if the station near your home has one. Especially you should check the working hours of the counter to avoid going back empty-handed.
Typically, one Seishun Ticket costs 12,050 yen (approximately 87 USD).

How to use

You do not pass through the regular ticket gates when using the SEISHUN ticket. Instead, you have to go through the security room next to the ticket gates and hand your ticket to them. The first station you enter on the day will stamp the ticket according to the number of people traveling together. From the following stations, if you want to go out and then come back in, you need to show your ticket to the staff, and that stamp will be invalid by the end of the day. From the next day, you’ll have to repeat the process.

The ticket will be stamped with the date

This time, we decided to take a trip from Osaka to Tokyo using this ticket. Our trip lasted 12 hours and began at 11:30 a.m. as we boarded the local JR train from Osaka station. Although quite exhausting, it was an unforgettable journey filled with new experiences and adventures. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to discover the breathtaking scenery passing by outside the train’s window.

by Wandering

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