Leek ice cream (3,11USD) is Japan’s newest must-try in Saitama

Japan is well-known for its unique local foods, and both the government and local residents work hard to promote these items to visitors from around the world. This endeavor led to the creation of Leek ice cream in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Saitama is a prefecture next to Tokyo, reachable by train in just 30 minutes to 1 hour. Fukaya City in Saitama Prefecture is very famous for its specialty leek, but it is only limited to the winter months (from November to March).

However, sometimes they receive requests such as:

In response to the demand from fans of Fukaya Leek, a local store has introduced “Fukaya Negi ice cream” (Negi being the Japanese term for Leek). This innovative treat involves freezing leek and blending Negi powder into a creamy base. It’s a sustainable solution that lets customers savor the renowned Fukaya Leek even when they’re not in season.

In appearance, this ice cream is striking, featuring the signature green-white hues of leek and adorned with adorable Negi-shaped chocolate pieces that pay homage to Fukka-chan – the beloved mascot of Saitama Prefecture.

As for its taste, Fukaya Negi ice cream is known for its invigorating qualities, boasting the robust flavor and fragrance of leek that awaken both the palate and the sense of smell. Moreover, the delightful crunchiness adds an entirely new dimension to the experience of indulging in this treat.

Fukaya Negi ice cream is exclusively sold at Michi no Eki Okabe, situated along Fukaya Street.

With a price tag of 480 yen (approximately $3.11 USD), this delectable treat will be offered from March 16 to early November. Once the ice cream season ends, you can still enjoy fresh, in-season Leek from the same location.

Michi no Eki Okabe / 道の駅おかべ

Saitama-ken, Fukaya-shi, Oka 688-1

Hours: 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m

Website: https://www.michinoeki-okabe.jp/

Source of informations, images: PR Times